I am a scholar of Jewish thought, specializing in the golden age of Kabbalah in Safed, Hassidism and Messianism. I have published numerous studies in both Hebrew and English which are available here. The television series The Guide – Rabbi Joseph Karo and the Golden Age of Kabbalah in Safed which I wrote and hosted for the Israeli T'chelet channel in 2003 is accessible in the Hebrew section of this website.

A special section is dedicated to literary criticism, that I often publish in Ha'aretz's literary appendix. My views on contemporary issues are being published in Ynet's Opinions section.

My site is an academically-oriented, intellectual arena, meant to present my research to fellow scholars, students and those intrigued by Jewish thought, history, and Hebrew literature. I hope this site will stimulate a fruitful dialogue amongst those who are passionate about its contents. Any feedback, either in Hebrew or English, will be therefore greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Mor Altshuler

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