Curriculum Vitae

Born in Israel

Married + 2: Avshalom (30); Hemdat (22).


Academic Education:

1995 Ph.D., Department of Jewish Thought, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1987 M.A., Department of Jewish Philosophy, TelAviv University.

1982 B.A., Departments of Comparative Literature and Talmudic Studies, TelAviv University.


Academic Experience:

2009- Adjunct Professor, KibbutzimCollege, Tel Aviv.

1998-2002 Senior Fellow, Shalem Center, Jerusalem.

1996-1997 Adjunct Professor, Department of Jewish Thought, the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1994-1995 Visiting Fellow, the Mayerhoff Center for Jewish Studies, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

1994-1995 Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, the American University, Washington, D.C.

1987-1991 Research Assistant, the Open University, Ramat Aviv, Israel.

Publicist and Commentator:

2009- Panelist, the Weekly Council, the Israeli Television, Channel 10.

2008 Publicist, YnetNews Com. (Israel’s most popular internet newspaper)

1998-2006 Panelist, “Popolitica”, “Politica”, the Israeli Television, Channel 1.

1998-2004 Commentator, Yediot Achronot (Israel’s largest daily newspaper)

1998-         Literary Critic, Ha’aretz.

1990-1991 Reporter, “Kol Israel”, Israeli Radio, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority.

Public Positions:

2006- Director, the Advisory Board of the State of Israel's Comptroller and Ombudsman.

2003-2006 Director on behalf of The State of Israel,  the Board of Directors of the Central Archive of the Jewish People, Jerusalem.

1999-2001 Member, the Scenarios’ Project: “Israel 2025”, sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

2000-2005 Member, the Magazine Committee, Israeli Women’s Network.

1998-2004 Lecturer, the Corps of Education, Israel's Defense Forces.